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Welcome to EqNet Horse Chat Server

EqNET Chat Rooms (Moderated)
[#Lobby] - General Chat
[#Equestrian] - Equestrian/Horse Chat

EqNET Chat Rooms (Not Moderated)

Select a chat room frop the drop down menu and click the Chat Now! button to enter the chat.

Our scheduled chat is in the #Lobby room Sundays and Tuesdays 5pm Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8)!

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In Decebmer of 2015 our server suffered a hard drive failure in which we lost the forum database. The earliest database backup we were able to restore was from April 2012. We are undergoing major changes to the website. The chat and forum should be still online. You may get errors during this transistion.

Local Events
  • EqNET Chat - All chat rooms available now! (Requires Flash)
  • EqNET Chat - Another chat interface compatible with Android coming soon!
  • Forum - All New Forum Software!
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